Join the COVID-19 Effort

Be a part of the effort creating various PPE to support the fight against COVID-19.

Getting Started

1. Contact Us
St. Joseph Emergency Department staff
We need to make sure those who are participating in the team are making the right kinds of PPE to meet the needs of the local community. At this time, it is face shields and ear savers. We ask you contact us first either by email or via our Facebook group before you start making.
2. Start Making
John Broshears (one of our makers) printing face shield brackets
After you have figured out what the team and local community needs you to make, it's time to start making! We have centeralized collection points where we coordinate the collection of all the made PPE and then distribute the PPE to those who need it.
3. Reach Out to Your Community
Handing off face shields to Bainbridge Island Fire Department
Contact people, facilities, and organizations who may need face shields or other PPE the team can produce.
4. Innovate
Ear saver for elastic straps on face masks shaped like a monkey
Help the team come up with new ways to create and distribute personal protective equipment out to those who need it.


Our entire effort has been funded by our GoFundMe campaign.